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Concert Reviews

Atlas Genius
September 19, 2015
Atlas Genius
The concert for Atlas Genius was fantastic from beginning to end. The two opening bands Mainland and Dreamers were awesome and I'm sure they're both going to become more popular. They got the crowd into the music and warmed them up for Atlas Genius. When Atlas Genius took the stage the crowd was pumped up with excitement, and the band did not disappoint. Though I wish there were a few less flashing lights, the music made the loss of sight completely worth it. They walked off the stage at one point, and I thought the concert was over, however, they just took a short reprieve before they went back to the stage to perform more. The song that really stood out from the rest of the concert was “Levitate,” this was the only slow song that they played throughout the entire preformance. It was beautifully sung and you could feel the raw emotions that the singer was trying to get across. “Trojans,” one of their most popular songs was also played during their performance. You could feel the energy of everyone in the crowd change as they recognized the song’s beginning cords. Throughout the rest of the concert the audience was silent as they listened intently to Atlas Genius. For the performance of “Trojans” the crowd seemed to find a commonality within one another and sing along.
Review written by:Charlotte Luft
March 20th, 2015
21 Pilots
SomeKindaWonderful started their first headlining tour,The Burn It Up Tour, in Buffalo, Ny. If the rest of their tour is anything like that first concert it will be a success. SKW is a relatively new band with an album that will drop officially in mid June. The concert began with a bang when the lights began to flash and Jordy Towers jumped on the stage with more energy than a kid on a sugar high. Towers is a natural performer and knows how to entertain a crowd. SKW has a unique sound that somehow blends soul with alternative, i.e., their songs Police and Caveman. They performed their single "Reverse" and other songs off the album. It was the kind of concert where if their were chairs you wouldn't want to sit down, and not just because your view would be blocked. If you took your eyes from the stage you may miss something like the lead singer pulling girls onto the stage or that secret smile that Towers seemed to have just for the audience, like we were all in on a secret. Well, its no secret that SomeKindaWonderful is the band to watch.
Review written by: Brianna Milon
Neil Van Dorn Band with Big Eyed Phish
February 6, 2015
Lessons learned tonight: Apparently a cover band can awesome enough to turn me into a real fan of a band I’ve never particularly followed or been interested in before. This is not the experience I was expecting from this show, but I will certainly take it. I am now 100% a fan of the Dave Matthews Band. Opening up the night was some locally-grown entertainment with the Neil Van Dorn Band. These guys showed off their impressive musical chops with a mix of impressive original tunes, including a few songs from their in-progress sophomore album, and some beautifully grooved-up covers, highlighted by takes on the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Black Balloons” and Nelly’s “Ride Wit Me” (both songs I legitimately haven’t heard in 5+ years and still apparently know all of the words to). Guitarist Tommy Mac (proudly rocking a Megadeath shirt at a jam-band show) was a human highlight reel for most of the set, ripping off epic solo after epic solo and adding some serious edge to an otherwise laid-back set. Between Mac’s rock star skill, Van Dorn’s charisma and songwriting prowess, and the rest of the band’s ability to play just about any style and play it well, these guys are full of reasons to check them out and keep an eye on them as they continue to develop their sound and make new music. Due to my very limited knowledge of the Dave Matthews Band, I really can’t attest to how good Big Eyed Phish is as a cover band, but based off of the three songs I did know going in (for the record, “Ants Marching,” “What Would You Say,” and “Crash Into Me”) and how ridiculously hyped the crowd was for most of the show, it’s probably safe to say that they are quite good at what they do. They said repeatedly that they were just a bunch of massive Dave Matthews fans, and they played with the energy of a bunch of guys who obviously loved what they were doing. They did jam bands everywhere proud to, with frequent extended solos, jam breaks, and songs that went on for a loooong time but never really seemed to drag. My one complaint about the show as a whole was that the set didn’t quite sustain the same aversion to dragging that the songs did. These guys went for almost 3 hours, and the crowd was fading pretty hard for the last 30 minutes or so. Even though the guys on stage were still going strong, it’s difficult for any band to keep a crowd going hard after even 2 hours. Honestly, Bruce Springsteen should probably be the only active artist that plays a show that lasts for that long. I do appreciate the effort it took for Big Eyed Phish to put on this long of a show though. In any case, I’m now sold on DMB and will probably dig through their whole catalog in the next week or so, and it’s all thanks to the incredible effort of a bunch of very talented, very dedicated fans.
Review written by: Mitchell Owens
Panama Wedding
October 30th, 2014
The night started out like most; a few openers, none of which are known. A band originally from Rochester called Machine Gun English opened. They rocked out loud and proud, but because they are a fairly new band their stage presence was almost nonexistent. Next up was Royal Tongues, who knew how to work the crowd. After the Royal Tongues lead singer was finished melting the hearts of all the women in the crowd came TEAM. TEAM is a band from the Portland area. As an interesting bunch, they played hard, but I couldn't get over their hipster hair. After a long wait Panama Wedding came to the stage. The crowed roared and they broke into song. The bass was set to max, and they shook the Waiting Room. I wouldn’t surprise me if they made a blip on the richter scale. You could tell those guys love what they do; they looked so happy. They were electric together, dancing and singing around the stage, you could tell it was exactly what they wanted from the night. They recently released an EP and we got a sneak peek into their new album. Despite all of this, all of their songs sounded the same. There was no variation in their music, other then the occasional use of an extra drum kit. Although their synthpop music isn't my forte I had plenty of fun and would see them again.
Review written by: Isaac Smith
Mayday Parade
October 18, 2014
Mayday Parade took Buffalo by storm at The Waiting Room. I’d be surprised if the entire city didn’t hear the earth-shattering music played by the headlining alternative band. They brought down the house and the concert deserves a perfect score. Mayday Parade began their Honeymoon Tour last week, with bands Pvris, Major League, and Tonight Alive as openers. Together, all four bands put on an unforgettable show. Alternative band Pvris opened up the night like no other. I had never heard their music before, but I instantly became a fan after experiencing their live performance. Lead singer Lynn Gunn commanded attention through her incredible vocal range. In songs like “St. Patrick” and “My House,” her strong, raspy voice bolted into everyone’s bodies and made the ground shake. The band interacted with fans and took advantage of strobe lighting, raising the intensity of the atmosphere. With a packed-house on their feet, Pvris was followed by punk rock band Major League. They powerfully performed their hardcore set full of energy, making the crowd extra rowdy. Over-excited fans broke the rules by crowd surfing and “moshing.” Tonight Alive brought the opening acts home and all hands were up, rocking on. By now, fans were ready to hear the band of the night: Mayday Parade. The opening acts did Mayday Parade justice by pumping everyone up, and the wait for the band to play was exhilarating. Finally, the five members of Mayday Parade took the stage and opened their hour long set with throwback “Jersey” and the crowd went wild. Screaming fans danced and sang their hearts out with lead singer Derek Sanders. Mayday Parade rocked the house with songs from their newest album “Monsters in the Closet” such as “Ghosts,” “Girls,” and “Hear the Sound.” Sanders’ distinctive vocals shined during slow ballad “Hold Onto Me” as tears fell from love-struck fan’s eyes. The best part about the concert was the mix of old and new in the set list. My favorite Mayday Parade songs are from older albums, so I was hoping they’d play at least a few. They definitely pleased me and others by performing the ideal variety of throwbacks like “Kids in Love,” “Ocean and Atlantic” and “Black Cat.” When the band jammed out with the crowd, their nonstop passion traveled through the speakers and into diehard fan’s hearts. There wasn’t a quiet voice in the venue as fans belted out the lyrics that have been engraved into heads for years. My favorite part of the show was when Sanders changed tempo and played ballads “Miserable at Best” and “Three Cheers for Five Years” at the keyboard. He let fans sing the choruses for him as lighters lit up the venue. I’ve never been to a more entertaining, interactive, or authentic concert before. Mayday Parade loves what they’re doing, and it shines through. If you dig alternative music, I highly recommend the experience. As a diehard fan of five years, I know I’ll be there having the time of my life.
Review written by: Madison Hornung