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Tina is a very timid cat who will need a quiet home with no dogs or children, and a patient person to give her plenty of love and time to adjust to her surroundings. She is very affectionate. She loves to get up on a shoulder to hug your neck and give kitty kisses and head bumps. When petted she often does a somersault! She is a very sweet cat, who is still young enough to be playful once she feels “at home”. She would be a good companion to a lonely cat. Tina has a skin condition, which may be allergies, or simply anxiety. We've been feeding her sensitive skin food, with a fish oil supplement. Please ask for the fish oil at the time of adoption. Your vet will be able to help you find what is best for her. It may never be completely cured, but it is not something that puts her at risk for more serious health issues; it just means she will have red patches where she has scratched herself too much or chewed at her fur. Tina is spayed, up to date on vaccines and her adoption fee has been covered by a supporter of Volunteers For Animals!

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